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zzz [OLD RECORD - DO NOT USE] Intel Corporation, Visual Computing Products
2111 NE 25th Ave, JF2-18
Hillsboro OR 97124

Phone: 503-264-5480
Fax: 503-712-8810
Web site:
Product Description

Intel® Media Software Development Kit (SDK) 2012 is an easy, fast way to encode, decode and transcode on Intel platforms, taking advantage of Intel® Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration. It includes a cross platform software development API to allow media applications to offload intensive workloads to the Intel Core™ processor’s graphics component. It supports H.264, MPEG-2 and MVC codecs and includes many standard video-processing filters. When you use Intel Media SDK, you’re optimizing your streaming media application for Intel architecture and the vast consumer and business market segments those processors are used in. Download the Intel® Media SDK for free at

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Online Video PlatformsVideo Content Protection/DRMVideo Encoding/TranscodingEnterprise Video
Media/Entertainment VideoOnline Video Industry
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