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170 Forbes Boulevard
Mansfield Massachusetts 02048
United States

Phone: 508 339 2497
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The world’s leading video service providers and media companies rely on Ineoquest monitoring solutions to assure that their viewers get the quality they expect, on any device or network. IneoQuest's solutions - spanning cloud, virtualized/NFV software and appliances - monitor video quality and accelerate issue diagnosis, whatever the distribution method. With improved video intelligence, our customers gain greater customer satisfaction, reduced costs, lower churn, and greater profitability. Recognized as an industry leader and innovator by Deloitte, Red Herring, and Frost & Sullivan among others, IneoQuest’s patented solutions set the standard in video assurance.

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Product Description

Ineoquest acquisition elements measure and collect video quality metrics at multiple distribution network locations, then report them to aggregation systems to provide a comprehensive view of your video operation's quality.

  • InspectorR solutions perform content quality inspection, typically at the head end of your distribution pipeline.
  • SurveyorTM solutions provide network performance inspection wherever it is needed. 
  • IQ EnginesTM aggregate these metrics into a comprehensive, program-associated view, offering a rapid and effective perspective on the quality available to your viewers.

These elements, available as virtualized software, appliances, or as cloud-based systems, can be combined to meet your specific needs.

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