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7295 Hurst Park Road
Reno Nevada 89502

Phone: 650-933-5444
Web site:

Hybrik is a cloud-based media processing system that provides transcoding, media analysis, and quality control to deliver superb video optimized for every screen. Hybrik’s media workflow produces outstanding results, distributing the workload across hundreds of machines to deliver the fastest throughput at the lowest cost. The workflow can be customized through a public API, allowing seamless integration with customer operations. Customers like Sony DADC and Vevo depend on Hybrik for their cloud media workflow because of its superior performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Product Description

Hybrik is a media workflow system that allows you solve the largest transcoding problems on even the tightest deadlines. Hybrik runs in your own Virtual Private Cloud within Amazon's secure computing environment, which gives you maximum security and the lowest possible transcoding cost.

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Video Encoding/TranscodingEnterprise VideoMedia/Entertainment VideoOnline Video Industry
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