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Hive Streaming
Fatbursgatan 1
Stockholm 118 28

Phone: +46 8 667 03 00
Web site:


Hive Streaming provides efficient and secure software-based video delivery solutions for organizations who embrace video in corporate communications. Our service enables enterprises to leverage their existing investment in hardware and bandwidth so employees can view high-quality on-demand and live video on their own devices. Instead of everyone getting their own unicast video stream, Hive utilizes our peer-based technology to enable viewers within the same site, or network segment, to view the same stream.

Hive Streaming seamlessly integrates with leading enterprise video management and conferencing platforms, including Skype Meeting Broadcast, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Stream, Office365, TalkPoint, StreamShark, On24, MediaPlatform, and Brightcove



Product Description


With today’s global economy and instant communication expectations, video is increasingly becoming the standard for enterprises worldwide. However, large organizations often have complex networks that don’t have the bandwidth capacity needed to support video communications without impacting other critical business functions.

The Hive Streaming software-based video delivery solution utilizes the bandwidth already provisioned within enterprises to deliver high-quality video. Instead of everyone getting their own video stream, Hive utilizes our peer-based technology to enable viewers within the same site, or network segment, to effectively view the same stream.  

We also provide an insightful, clear and customizable reporting platform - Hive Insights. Hive Insights provides the market’s most comprehensive video event reporting and analytics capabilities. The user interface is modern, intuitive and powerful allowing for quick high-level analysis and detailed drill-downs. 

With Hive Browser WebRTC, your Hive Streaming Video Distribution now reaches devices where you don’t want to deploy your enterprise software. Hive Browser is fully compatible with the Hive Streaming suite of solutions including Hive Insights. Hive Browser does not require installed software or browser plugins and is easily integrated with any video portal that utilizes HTML5 video players. Since Hive Browser is written in Typescript, it can be executed in all JavaScript-enabled runtime environments that have WebRTC support (and in particular WebRTC Data Channels support).



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