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30 Monument Square, Suite 212
Concord MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-8303
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EuclidIQ has a legacy of solving complex video compression challenges, and our newest IQ264 plugin integrates with the industry-standard x264 encoder. IQ264 uses perceptual quality optimization (PQO) to consistently generate more than 25% bandwidth savings over the reference encoder at equivalent visual quality.

Product Description

IQ264 offers these PQO quality and bandwidth savings for H.264 encodes at the time of encoding, eliminating the need for an additional post-processing workflow step. Content encoded with our advanced algorithms can be decoded on any standards-based H.264 video decoder.

In the near future, EuclidIQ will also provide an IQ265 solution, complementary to the improvements HEVC already provides over H.264, that applies PQO to improve HEVC encoding.

Online Resources
  • Streaming Media West
    Come join us at booth 216 on November 1st and 2nd!
  • Subjective Test Methodology Design for Perceptual Quality Optimization
    EuclidIQ has been developing an innovative compression technology called IQ264 that applies perceptual quality optimization (PQO) that integrates consideration of the HVS to improve standard H.264 encoding. Because IQ264 optimizes human perception, its gains are best measured through subjective testing. For this purpose, a subjective testing approach was needed that would produce meaningful results without being prohibitive in terms of time or cost. The white paper presented here details the resulting subjective test methodology that provides a way to prove the benefits of the IQ264 PQO technology to current and potential customers; and measure the overall compression benefit of IQ264 as the PQO technology is developed and productized.
  • IQ264 Brochure
    Euclid's IQ264 technology consistently provides bandwidth savings and quality improvements compared to x264 technology without any visual impact on video quality. In this brochure you will find: benefits of using IQ264 compression technology, how a Unified Importance Map works, and more information on H.264 encoding
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