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329 Bryant Street
Suite 2D

San Francisco CA 94107

Phone: (800) 513-1740
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Profile, the world’s largest video encoding service and provider of, the groundbreaking universal video URL platform, powers video for thousands of leading brands across Media and Entertainment, eLearning, Retail, Telecommunications, Lifestyle and Advertising.’s cloud video platform enables publishers and developers to instantly scale, support all popular web and mobile formats and utilize our Encoding Intelligence™ to accelerate processing while eliminating expensive video infrastructure investments.

With millions of encodes under its belt, is the only encoding service to offer service level guarantees for performance so you can focus on what you do best.

Ingest... Encode... Deliver

Product Description is the world’s largest video transcoding service and leverages sophisticated integrations with the leading cloud platforms. Via a simple integration of our API, video sites and platforms who have high-volume video encoding needs can offload the expensive and time-consuming transcoding job management into “the cloud” utilizing a pay-per-use SaaS model., powered by, is the world’s first universal video URL platform. radically simplifies the preparation and delivery of video to all mobile devices and browsers, thus solving the biggest challenge facing thousands of video content publishers and application developers who want their videos to work for everyone. provides a short URL for each source video that users can publish, embed or share, and the service will deliver the optimized video based on the end-user’s device. Developers and publishers can now focus on building great video experiences while manages the heavy lifting of transcoding, detection and delivery.

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Video Encoding/Transcoding
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YouTube demonstrating 4K video encoded with VP9 is all sizzle and no steak. Until hardware manufacturers and big names like Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft announce support, it's hard to take any of the noise too seriously.
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Cites Zencoder's support for Apple HLS and fast transcoding times as the reasons its making the move.
Telestream: How to Prepare Content for Multiscreen Delivery
In a Streaming Media East panel, Telestream explains why complexity grows as a video file gets closer to the viewer, and what to do about it.

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