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Digital Element
155 Technology Parkway
Suite 800

Norcross GA 30092

Phone: 6782586300
Fax: 6782586363
Web site:

Digital Element is the global leader in IP geolocation technologies. Our industry-leading NetAcuity® solutions are deployed by the world’s most recognized brands to effectively manage the distribution of online content, ensuring that licensing and copyright agreements are adhered to and that digital assets are protected against online piracy.

Clients also leverage our solutions to create more impactful interactions with website visitors by delivering location-relevant ads and content. 

Our customer list includes leading brands such as Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Disney Interactive, Hulu, Apple, ESPN, Teads TV, Televisa, BBC, and hundreds of others.

Product Description

Digital Element's NetAcuity solutions can:

Improve Control - Control access to digital content based on licensing agreements at the country, state/region, city and even ZIP and postal code level.

Increase Flexibility - Respond quickly to constantly changing rules for content management and distribution.

Ensure Compliance - Comply with license and copyright agreements made with content licensors by allowing access to content based on a user's location.

Enforce Restriction - Ensure users in prohibited or embargoed areas are restricted from accessing your digital assets.



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