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DVEO division of Computer Modules, Inc.
11409 West Bernardo Court
San Diego California 92127

Phone: +1 858-613-1818
Fax: +1 858-613-1815
Web site:
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DVEO is a rapidly growing player in the video and audio streaming industry.  We have built an international reputation for delivering cost effective solutions for webcasters, content providers, telcos, cable companies, and corporate IPTV users.  Our patent pending "DOZER" IP Video Traffic Smoothing technology won the prestigious Society of Broadcast Engineers 2014 Technology Award.  Our MultiStreamer™ real-time streaming appliances offer formats compatible with iPads, laptops, mobile devices, CDN’s and Distribution Servers.  We offer encoding and transcoding solutions from our portable Mamba DIG/IP™ to our Enterprise Class Brutus.  We also offer Ad Overlay Servers, VOD, and Playout Servers. 

Product Description

120 Channel Adaptive Optimized Transcoder for OTT and Multi Screen Services
The enterprise class Brutus™ V IP/IP: TELCO is a real-time Adaptive Optimized Transcoder with 48 Cores -- ideal for simple transcoding or grooming at headends for OTT or Multiscreen services.  It transcodes up to 120 SD streams, or 40 720p60 HD streams, or 30 1080p/i HD streams.  The Linux® based system is suitable for IPTV, OTT, mobile TV, broadcast, and Telco TV, or as a transcoder/reformatter for RTSP IP Cameras.

50 Channel Transcoding IP Video Playout Server with Scheduling
The IP Grooming Server™ 50ch 1TB is a file playout server for scheduled continuous streaming.  It stores various file types, then "grooms" them by transcoding the streams to H.264 and/or scaling the video to different resolutions.  

Users can create their own 50 "streaming" web channels with 50 different movies or content, playing on a preset schedule.  The system is a great video hosting playout server for ISPs, corporate websites, schools, hotels, and digital signage.

Real-Time H.265 HEVC Streaming Encoder
The broadcast grade Flame 265™ features real-time encoding of content from cameras or video servers equipped with SDI, HDMI, or HD-SDI outputs.  It is designed for streaming H.265 to CDNs, servers, ISPs, and end users who expect HLS, RTMP, DASH, or transport streams.  It is also perfect for technology demonstrations or benchmark testing of H.265, etc.

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