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DVEO division of Computer Modules, Inc.
11409 West Bernardo Court
San Diego California 92127

Phone: +1 858-613-1818
Fax: +1 858-613-1815
Web site:
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DVEO®, a well respected supplier to leading broadcasters, telco TV/OTT and cable operators around the world, develops and sells telco quality video encoding and streaming products, media servers, and ad insertion solutions.

Our affordable turnkey appliance, Atlas™ II Packaging Server, streams live events to up to 7,000 simultaneous users. Our patented "DOZER™" automated packet recovery technology delivers video reliably over public or private IP.

All solutions feature DVEO-developed software for maximum flexibility and upgradability, ensuring long-term investment protection. These ultra-reliable Linux® based products are matched by valuable pre-sales consultancy, outstanding post-sales service and support, and -- not least -- unusual affordability.

Product Description

Live/VOD Servers with Catch-up TV and Live Time Shift over HLS
The DVEO ATLAS™ Packaging Server Family is a cost-efficient way to deliver live and on-demand multi-bitrate IPTV and OTT services to thousands of users. The systems convert multiple transport streams into adaptive bitrate protocols such as HLS or DASH, for multiscreen delivery. 

Low Latency H.264/AVC 4:2:2 1080p Mezzanine Encoder
The PREMIO™ 4:2:2/H.264 receives one SDI or HD-SDI input and encodes it to a single mezzanine quality H.264 1080p stream at .1 to 50 Mbps – with a latency of only 150 milliseconds. It also features stream archiving (400 GB). H.265/HEVC version coming soon.

Telco Oriented High Availability Transcoders
The Brutus™ family of adaptive optimized transcoders feature H.264 transcodes of up to 200 SD streams. Optional H.265/HEVC transcoding is available.

Real Time H.264 or Optional H.265 Encoder/Streamers
Available for all major video formats, DVEO's MultiStreamer™ encoders create multiple simultaneous IP streams and send them to iPads, iPhones, CDNs, etc.

IP Time Zone Delay for Multiple Streams
The DelayServer IP™ re-streams 40+ MPEG-2 or H.264 IP transport streams and plays them back after a delay that is finely adjustable from seconds to hours. Simultaneous capture and playback on multiple streams.

Dynamic Ad and Digital Program Insertion Platform
The Ad Serter™ IP/ASI/SDI playout server inserts or overlays ads, graphics, video clips, text, and EAS feeds into live or stored IP and ASI video feeds. Scheduled play-out or via cue tones. Many display options.

Real Time Multichannel Transcoders
DVEO's Gearbox™ and Gearbox™ II transcoders ingest multiple RF & IP sources and formats, saving cost and rack space of separate IRDs. They transcode transport streams to H.264 or optional H.265 for multiscreen delivery.

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