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2 Waters Park Dr.
Suite 150

San Mateo CA 94403

Phone: 650-401-8282
Web site:
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Conviva solves the challenges of the changing TV business with a big data platform that enables online video providers to deliver on consumer demands for high-quality viewing experiences. Conviva’s Intelligent Control Platform utilizes a powerful combination of real-time data and advanced algorithms, to give content publishers control over video delivery by helping them monitor QoE, benchmark their performance, and automatically avoid Internet bottlenecks and breakdowns before they occur. Conviva data comes from 180 countries and is gathered from over 4 billion streams across nearly 2 billion devices and 400 video players every month.

Product Description

Conviva Insights: Insights aggregates and reports per-viewer analytics to give publishers a view into the QoE of every single viewer, not just averages. All data is gathered in real-time to help make critical business decision when they matter most.  

Global Data Reports: Using aggregated, anonymized data from across the billions of streams Conviva monitors and optimizes, Global Data Reports provide an invaluable resource to companies seeking to ensure they are the leaders in their markets.

Conviva Precision: Built on top of the Intelligent Control Platform, Conviva Precision carefully controls the diversity of the video delivery chain to ensure each viewer receives the highest quality experience possible. Precision delivers a high bitrate and maintains low buffering, with a successful video startup at first attempt. 

Online Resources
  • Internet TV: Bringing Control to Chaos
    Take back control of your video delivery. See how by downloading a free copy of the whitepaper, “Internet TV: Bringing Control to Chaos.”
  • Conviva Precision
    The biggest obstacle to consistently delivering high video quality and a great online viewing experience is the Internet itself – it was not designed for video delivery and, unlike private networks, it is not under your control. Download product information on Conviva Precision to see how Conviva can give you preemptive, automatic control.
  • Conviva Reports
    Conviva Reports are specifically tailored to provide the most important information for specific business functions, and you get the information in one structured and itemized report.
  • Conviva Insights
    Robust audience-focused metrics give you the most in-depth look into every viewer watching your content, in both real time and from a big-picture, historical perspective. Download the product information on Conviva Insights to learn more
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Conviva's Ed Haslam explains how measuring your users' quality of experience (QoE) and strategizing based on experience metrics can grow video-driven ad revenue.
Why Video Streaming Fails, and Customers Hate You Because of It
60% of all user interactions suffer from video playback issues, yet not much is done to help solve this. Rebuffering and downgrading to subpar video bitrates continues unabated as high-speed broadband and faster cellular networks have reached near ubiquity in the United States and some international markets. So why does video still fail and rebuffer? What is the impact of video stream issues on revenue, brand, and churn? We explore these questions and more.
Ad Fatigue is Deterring Viewers; What's to Be Done?
As part of a move away from QoS to QoE, Conviva is introducing Ad Insights, which will apply the capabilities of its video playback experience monitoring to the ad experience
CES '16: Conviva Sees a New Business Channel in Engagement Data
Targeting demographic profiles is effective, but targeting engaged viewers and shoppers is bound to be much stronger. Conviva lays the groundwork for 2016.
Connected TV Use Will Increase in 2016, Set-Top Boxes to Decline
In an end-of-year report, Conviva offers stats on our changing viewing habits. Episodic content views are growing, while short-form views fall.

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