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Foster City CA 94404

Phone: 650-401-8282
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Conviva is the measurement and analytics platform for the next generation of TV. With visibility into over 14B streaming hours per month from 3B devices a year and 180 countries, Conviva offers the largest, multi-publisher, streaming video continuous measurement census available. Companies like HBO, Sky, and Turner use Conviva’s Video AI Platform to reveal important insights about the consumer in-screen viewing experience and connect those metrics to important business outcomes such as content performance optimization. We make content engagement a data driven outcome that maximizes subscriber and advertising revenue.


Product Description

Conviva has built and deployed a unique, new intelligent measurement and analytics architecture for the next generation of TV. The solution consists of two main technology advances: the first is a very lightweight sensor that measures continuously, and the second is a Video AI Platform that processes the data from a massive sensor network. These are the foundation of Conviva’s products and ecosystem APIs.

Online Resources
  • Conviva's Video AI Alerts
    Constantly Watching. Constantly Resolving. Get to the root of streaming issues that matter so you can focus on building a better OTT business. To deliver TV over the internet, you need artificial intelligence. The next generation of TV is online because consumers want to watch it anywhere, anytime and on any screen. Unfortunately, too many things can go wrong when delivering video over a medium that was never built for it.
  • Conviva's Experience Benchmarks
    Experience Benchmarks gives publishers greater insight and intelligence into key experience metrics, for smarter decision-making and planning to both grow and improve the performance of their business.
  • Conviva's Precision Delivery Intelligence
    Conviva’s Precision Delivery Intelligence is a video AI data feed, that allows publishers to do multi-content delivery network (CDN) resource optimization. The optimization is based on policy-based decision intelligence that is configured via Experience Insights for setting cost and performance thresholds based on a publisher’s over-the-top (OTT) business goals. Precision provides video AI delivery optimization that controls CDN costs while optimizing the viewing experience.
  • Conviva's Experience Insights
    Experience Insights aggregates and reports key viewer experience and video engagement metrics. This gives over-the-top (OTT) publishers accurate, timely and actionable intelligence that is needed to maximize viewer satisfaction.
  • Conviva's Multi-Screen QoE Analytics Ecosystem Initiative
    The Ecosystem Initiative provides the same business and service-critical over-the-top (OTT) insights that Conviva publishers get from Experience Insights to all video delivery ecosystem partners based on their roles and coverage. In the hands of an ecosystem partner, such as a CDN, a key quality metric, such as re-buffering ratio, provided in real-time can make all the difference between viewers having a poor or excellent experience. With specific quality of experience (QoE) metrics and performance insights provisioned exactly for their service, ecosystem partners will now be able to act and respond immediately to any issue that emerges in their workflow, and sometimes even before it comes to the attention of the publisher or viewer.
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