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421 SW 6th St.
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Portland OR 97204
United States

Phone: 8552333947
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Cedexis: Experts in CDN QoS Measurement & Multi CDN Switching

CDN QoS Benchmarks: Independent, unbiased, data:

- Compare CDN performance, before you buy

- Free benchmarks for static, dynamic and SSL performance

The Buffer Killer (Multi & Hybrid CDN): Real time, data-driven, automation:

- Overlay global & regional CDNs

- Ensure 100% CDN availability

- Improved end user latency and throughput

- Offload CDN traffic to Origins

Visit to learn how content publishers, on line ad networks, OVPs and CDNs utilize Cedexis.

Product Description

The Buffer Killer! combines Cedexis Radar video QoS and CDN performance monitoring with Cedexis Openmix CDN switching to improve the website and video playout experience for your audience.

Multi & Hybrid CDN for 100% availability and performance.  

Switching multiple CDNs requires performance visibility and real-time traffic management.  

Cedexis Radar - Free crowd-sourced performance benchmarks of all major CDNs.  Charts and Alerts on your existing CDN(s), and community data on CDNs you are evaluating.

Cedexis Openmix - Automated real-time load balancing between CDNs and origins to ensure 100% availability, optimum performance and costs control.  

Visit to learn how content publishers, on line ad networks, OVPs and CDNs utilize Cedexis.

Online Resources
  • The Cedexis Buffer Killer
    Use real time CDN performance and usage data to actively switch between CDNs and Clouds
  • Free Video QoS Analytics
    Cedexis' Radar Real User Monitoring (RUM) service collects Video QoS metrics including; chunk throughput, video start failures, re-buffering and relates these datapoints to your CDN(s)
  • Whitepaper: Multi CDN Strategies for Video Delivery
    This paper covers best practices for multi-CDN and hybrid-CDN video delivery, pointing to real-world solutions and verifiable metrics.
  • Case Study: PBS Adopts Multi CDN
    This case study covers the objectives and results of PBS adoption of a multi CDN strategy to deal with seasonal traffic spikes for popular content.
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