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Streaming Media Industry Directory (Sourcebook)
CSG International
9555 Maroon Circle
Englewood CO 80112

Phone: (303) 200-2000
Fax: (303) 200-3333
Web site:
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CSG International (NASDAQ: CSGS) is the trusted global partner to help clients launch and monetize communications and entertainment services in the digital age. Leveraging 30 years of experience and expertise in voice, video, data and content services, CSG delivers market-leading revenue management and customer interaction solutions in licensed and managed service models. The company drives business transformation initiatives for the majority of the top 100 global communications service providers, including AT&T, Charter Communications, Comcast, DISH, ESPN, Media-Saturn, Orange, Reliance, SingTel Optus, Telstra, Telefonica, Vodafone, Vivo and Verizon. For more information, visit our website at

Product Description

Ascendon is the industry’s leading SaaS, cloud-based, Over-The-Top (OTT) monetization solution, for live linear, catch-up and on-demand video. Ascendon enables compelling and personalized experiences across consumers’ favorite devices including SVOD, TVOD, AVOD and EST commerce models. Leveraging user profiles, rights management, preferences, digital entitlements, e-Wallet, payment options, analytics and more, CSG clients are better equipped to serve today’s demanding digital consumers, drive engagement and grow revenue. Ascendon enables clients- such as Comcast, ESPN, Media-Saturn, and Sony Pictures- to transform their businesses and monetize their digital brands while increasing customer loyalty. For more information, visit

Online Resources
  • Ascendon - Internet TV Solutions
    Streaming content, including Internet TV, is fast becoming the digital delivery method of choice for many consumers—particularly younger audiences who prefer to be untethered by monthly subscriptions and contracts. Incumbent providers (and new entrants) must adapt with agile services that entice new customers while retaining existing in order to realize and grow profits. Ascendon delivers everything needed to differentiate and monetize Internet TV offerings, attract and build a loyal fan base.
  • Ascendon - Broadcaster Solutions
    To succeed, broadcasters must focus on the customer experience like never before—supporting a myriad of monetization models and real-time interactions with customers across all channels and services. Ascendon delivers an unmatched customer experience that establishes and extends brand identity, supports multiple content consumption models and provides digital services across all channels, devices and service types.
  • Ascendon - Content Aggregators Solutions
    Content aggregators are under relentless pressure to compete in the digital economy. Quickly launching new digital services, providing highly personalized engagements that place control into the hands of today’s connected consumers, and delivering the quality experience digitally-savvy customers have come to expect is a must. Ascendon allows content aggregators to build a powerful, connected everywhere experience in just 60-90 days!
  • Ascendon - Studios & Content Owner Solutions
    Studios and content owners have stiff competition with digital content providers like Netflix, Amazon and Apple. Ascendon is the key to build customer loyalty and deliver a differentiated direct-to-consumer experience that keeps customers coming back for more.
  • Ascendon – Connected Solutions
    With the explosion of connected devices in the home and virtually every mode of transportation, new revenue opportunities are endless. As more people, devices and things become connected, digitally-savvy consumers expect to take their information, content and entertainment with them wherever they go. Ascendon enables seamless experiences, personalized offerings and new services, when and where they want them.
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Mobile VideoOnline Video PlatformsOTT VideoVideo Advertising
Video Content Protection/DRMVideo Encoding/TranscodingVideo Formats/Players/CodecsVideo Hosting/Delivery
Enterprise VideoMedia/Entertainment VideoOnline Video Industry
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