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207 Regent St., Mayfair
London UK W1B 3HH
United Kingdom

Phone: 02035142399
Web site:

CDN77's Live Streaming CDN employs a 7 Tbps network in Europe and North America. The solutions range from HLS/MPEG-DASH stream delivery to end-to-end solutions including the entire process of video encoding/transcoding. Security features and 24/7 support is a sure thing.

Pay for bandwidth only and choose between Single events and Monthly Plan pricing. All monthly packages include the Peak-Safety Net - Each month, we allow you to double your purchased bandwidth for a period of 4 hours - at no additional charge!

Worrying about slow loading times & peak absorption is a thing of the past. Go live with CDN77.

Product Description

CDN77 is a UK-based content delivery network provider with 32+ points of pressence around the globe. At the moment, CDN77 serves more than 12.000 clients and provides them a CDN solution for Gaming, VOD, Media & Software delivery and Live Streaming.

CDN77 was on of the first CDN providers to implement the latest technologies for latency reduction and security improvements such as Brotli, HTTP/2 and TLS 1.3.

No-commitment, transparent pricing, and tech engineer 24/7 support are only a few examples to mention that makes CDN77 one of the top CDN providers in the world.

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