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BlueFrame Technology
1910 Harrodsburg Rd.
Suite 104

Lexington Kentucky 40503
United States

Phone: +1 855-812-2740
Web site:

BlueFrame Technology™, the Sports Broadcasting Made Easy company, enables athletic organizations to simply and cost-effectively create, manage, and distribute their live and on-demand broadcasts. BlueFrame provides easy-to-use, professional-grade Production Truck™ software, with multi-camera switching and instant replay, scoreboard overlays, sport-specific graphics, and social media clipping. vCloud™ content management and delivery services include cross-platform advertising and paywall monetization. BluePlayer™ any-screen technologies include an HTML5 player for browsers, searchable content guides, a customizable portal, and apps for mobile and connected TV devices. BlueFrame powers streaming for hundreds of Division I, II, and III colleges and conferences, and more.

Product Description

BlueFrame provides three distinct product offerings that weave together seamlessly for an end-to-end solution, yet each has high industry compatibility to independently fill gaps in your existing production and streaming workflow. Especially when used end-to-end, they can maximize your social media sharing and monetization opportunities, allowing you to dynamically drive higher viewership and meet your business goals.

Online Resources
  • Production Truck software
    Production Truck software for live production and streaming provides all the tools that one would expect in a software encoder and adds to that all the features of a professional sports broadcast, condensed into one simple application that can be run by a single operator on a commodity laptop. Features include four-camera HD switching, four-camera variable-speed instant replay, digital audio mixing, sports tickers, customizable sport-specific graphics, social media clipping and sharing tools, and more.
  • vCloud Streaming service
    vCloud is the BlueFrame cloud-based service for content management, live and on-demand streaming, transcoding, storage, advertising, paywall, and content delivery through the web and customized applications for mobile and OTT devices.
  • BluePlayer playback
    BluePlaye any-screen technologies include an HTML5 player for browsers, searchable content guides, a customizable portal, and apps for mobile and connected TV devices, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.
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