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6952 Hightech Drive
Salt Lake City Utah 84047

Phone: 801-567-3287
Fax: 801-566-2208
Web site:

Local webcast technicians/videographers available anytime, anywhere

BizVision has developed a nationwide network of local, trained webcast technicians and professional videographers who are available to stream live or record your event wherever it is located.

BizVision's network can meet your remote production requirements whether you need videographers in many markets or many videographers in a single market. Because BizVision utilizes local videographers, our rates are extremely competitive.

BizVision also offers a comprehensive platform for e-learning.

Product Description

BizVision handles scores of live events every month in all parts of the U.S., and we can manage numerous concurrent live webcast events simultaneously. Our online audiences have ranged from dozens to thousands, and we have the ability to engage full teams of videographers to record and webcast hundreds of hours of content at longer events or conferences.

BizVision webcast technicians can work with any CDN or online video platform, as well as live webcast services like Ustream and LiveStream.

Our technical support team monitors each live webcast and keeps an eye on the status of every participant. Our team can also issue emergency bulletins to all participants in the event of a glitch at the point of origination.

If you just need recorded content, we can deliver it expeditiously in nearly any format. We also deliver a recorded version of your live webcast events for online archiving or creating DVDs.

Optional features/services available through BizVision

In addition to our nationwide network of webcast technicians and videographers, we also offer a comprehensive platform for e-learning and other presentations. If you don’t already have access to a full range of solutions and services, we’d be glad to assist you with any of the following:

·         Rich media, custom-branded player with synchronized slides, downloadable materials, various options for interactivity, related URL links, and notes

·         Presenter controls for advancing slides, playing video clips, switching to other presenters (even in different locations), moderating the chat room, and reviewing the participant log

·         CDN services

·         24/7/365 helpdesk/technical Support

·         Closed captioning and transcripts

·         Online registration

·         E-commerce

·         Certification/testing/viewer verification

·         Post-production services, including editing, encoding, DVD production

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