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974 Commercial St
Suite 200

Palo Alto CA 94303
United States

Phone: 650-961-3098
Web site:
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Beamr is an image science company with HEVC and H.264 video encoding and optimization products that are unmatched in quality and performance. Our solutions are used by the world's best-known media companies, consumer content delivery services, broadcasters and video platforms to achieve improved operational cost efficiencies along with improved user experience. The company is backed by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Verizon Ventures, Disruptive, and Marker LLC. We have 80 employees working in Tel Aviv, Saint Petersberg Russia and Palo Alto California. All solutions are software based and supported across a wide range of platforms including the cloud, Linux, Windows, Mac and ARM.

Product Description

Beamr's perceptual quality measure was developed over seven years and is backed by 50 pending or granted patents that provide the bitrate reduction engine to our HEVC and H.264 software encoders and optimizers. Beamr Optimizer is ideal for any application where storage or bandwidth is at a premium, or where user experience can benefit from a bitrate reduction of up to 50%. The new Beamr 5x HEVC Encoder complements our Beamr 4 and Beamr 5 software encoders by combining a high-quality encoder with a perceptual quality driven optimization process that enables HEVC video at bitrates up to 50% less than the current state of the art.

Online Resources
  • Beamr Optimizer
    H.264 software video optimizer reduces bitrate of existing files by up to 50% with no change in the perceptual quality.
  • Beamr 5
    HEVC software video encoder produces the highest quality with file sizes that are up to 20% less and at 2x speed. Beamr 5 is being used by the most demanding customers in the industry to encode and distribute high quality UHD HDR content around the world.
  • Beamr 4
    H.264 software video encoder with advanced API and support for every major operating platform. In development for over 10 years and used by hundreds of customers.
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