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AMV Digital Media is the industry's leading provider of complete Online Broadcasting management solutions. AMVDM is introducing the next generation of broadcasting automation, management and control tools for Video and Audio events with their Live Media Streaming Platform.  This enables broadcasters to schedule, manage and monitor multiple live events in concert with AMVDM’s Operations Center and support services.   It is currently being used to support over 30,000 events per year. (Previously AEG Digital Media)

Product Description

AMV Digital Media provides  end-to-end Online Broadcasting and Digital Media services  through their suite of Live Experience software products, Online Broadcast Operations Center in Los Angeles and with their recently introduced Media Streaming Platform.  The Media Streaming Platform enables broadcasters to automate multiple/concurrent live events in concert with AMVDM’s support and management services.


Online Broadcast Operations Center, Los Angeles

A state of the art  24/7  broadcast production and control facility.  With 16 Satellite downlink dishes, private fiber ring, multiple inbound and outbound IP and Video circuits,  12,000 sq. ft. on premise data center, fully redundant power, HVAC and control systems, the OBOC is the nerve center of AMV Digital Media’s streaming and online broadcasting services.


Live Media Streaming Platform

Live Media Streaming Platform is an Automated Scheduling, Management, Monitoring and Control platform for Live Video and Audio streaming events through an online portal and Operations Center connectivity. 


Cloud Acquisition POP’s

AMVDM owns and controls a worldwide system of ingest and transcoding POP’s allowing for efficient, reliable and cost effective Cloud On-Ramp services, signal acquisition and transport of  video and audio content for encoding and publishing.  

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