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June 06, 2018

Featured Articles
SME 2018: SeaChange's Kurt Michel Talks Content Management and Metadata Enrichment
Streaming Media's Tim Siglin interviews SeaChange's Kurt Michel at Streaming Media East 2018.
SME 2018: TIME's Mia Tramz Talks Brand Impact and Immersive Media
Streaming Media's Tim Siglin interviews TIME's Mia Tramz at Streaming Media East 2018.
Should Video Publishers Be Manipulative to Get What They Want?
Definitely! Learn how to deliver video content and ads efficiently and effectively using lightweight, low cost manifest manipulation.
Online Video News
Apple TV Gets Zero Sign-On; FaceTime Gets Group Chat
What's better than single sign-on? Never signing on, at all. Also, people will be able to get up to 32 participants on a FaceTime chat starting this fall.
Fox Sports Offers World Cup Highlights Selected by IBM Watson AI
Soccer fans can view World Clips soon after they occur, then share them with friends, thanks to an AI-powered system that speeds the workflow.
Cheddar Expands to College Campuses With Launch of CheddarU
The live news network makes its second major expansion of the year, this time with a college-focused news streaming to 1,600 public screens.
Short Cuts
Video: Why Has Hardware-Based DRM Become Critical to Content Protection?
BuyDRM CEO & Founder Christopher Levy discusses why hardware-based DRM has become industry standard in the 4K era in this clip from Streaming Media East 2018.
Industry News
Discover Video today announced its new live 360 video system for streaming and recording events, lectures and training sessions.
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