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January 03, 2018

Featured Articles
Breaking Windows: It's Time to Change the Movie Release System
The current windowed release system is slow to put premium movies online. Hollywood is prioritizing its short-term profits, but could hurt itself in the long run.
Why Haven’t OTT Services Solved the Monetization Problem?
Viewers don't get the same experience across all viewing platforms, and until they do broadcasters will have a tough time making money online.
The Need for Speed in a Changing Media Landscape
The explosion in video content—along with a whole new array of video categories like VR, AR, and MR—means that technology needs to move faster than ever to keep up.
Online Video News
Snapchat Creating Method to Embed Stories on Other Platforms
In a bid to expand beyond its own walled garden, Snapchat is creating a way to embed videos on web pages. Could this give the platform the boost it needs?
Streaming Video Services Are Getting Worse: 63% See Buffering
While consumers are streaming more video than ever, they aren't in love with the experience. An IBM report uncovers multiple pain points.
Review: Wowza ClearCaster
If you absolutely, positively have to stream a successful live event on Facebook Live, ClearCaster is very definitely worth a very hard look.
Content Delivery and Live Streaming Summits Return to Streaming Media East
Both the Content Delivery Summit and the Live Streaming Summit will be back as part of this year's Streaming Media East event, with new chairs and new ideas.
Short Cuts
Video: How Do You Translate the Lessons of Live TV to Smartphones and Connected Devices?
John Petrocelli explores the challenges of delivering a large-scale live event like Coachella to an audience looking for live interactivity and active engagement using an infrastructure built for on-demand viewing.
Video: How Does Rich Content Delivery Performance Impact Revenue?
Instart Logic's Greg Kushmerek discusses how content delivery rates translate into better conversion rates and ROI at Content Delivery Summit 2017.
Industry News
Video acceleration company, Swarmify, announces they have optimized 500 million streams since launching their platform two years ago
Since the show launched in September 2017, AM to DM generated significant social buzz.
Serving the Growing Local Broadcast Antenna TV Audience and Expanding to New Markets in 2018
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