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November 22, 2017

Featured Articles
HEVC in HLS: How Does It Affect Device Performance?
If you're adding HEVC to your HLS video, you're likely concerned about the playback frame rate and battery live on the iPhones, iPads, and computers to which you're delivering. We tested a range of devices, and found the CPU impact to be negligible on most of them.
Take Back Control of Content Rights with Forensic Watermarking
Forensic watermarking allows rights holders to ID pirates within 15 seconds of the content appearing on an illicit site or platform
Roundup Review: Looking at Sub-$2,000 Hardware H.264 Encoders
Is there one single encoder that stands apart when live streaming a range of content in H.264? This roundup looks at the best equipment for lower-budget productions.
Online Video News
Watching Video Second Most Popular Online Activity: Limelight
People are spending more time online than they did a year ago, and young adults can't get enough video—but make people wait and they'll turn away.
Facebook Launches App and Website for Independent Video Creators
With an app that gives live streams a more produced look and a website full of helpful tips, Facebook hopes to attract video creation talent.
Looking for OTT Commonalities, Conviva Finds a Range of Methods
As streaming quality becomes crucial to the OTT video industry, a report finds a lack of standardization and established benchmarks.
Short Cuts
Video: When Will VR Entertainment Deliver ROI?
SkyVR's Bruce Courtney, Neulion's Jim Clements, and Nokia's Devon Copley debate the challenges VR content creators face in creating quality VR content that leverages the medium's strengths and delivers a profitable return within a limited market.
Video: How Can We Deliver 360 VR Streaming Beyond 4K?
Nokia's Devon Copley discusses the challenges throughout the pipeline for streaming 6K or 8K VR/360, and how viewport-adaptive streaming provides an interim solution.
Industry News
Openwave Mobility publishes its Mobile Video Index report highlighting trends and insights from over 30 live deployments globally
Integration Optimizes the Utilization of Existing Bandwidth on Enterprise Networks for Enhanced Video Streaming Experience
With OTT streaming video services predicted to reach 333.2 million global subscriptions by 2019, Taplytics aims to bring A/B testing and optimization to popular TV apps.
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