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January 01, 2019

Featured Articles
Infographic: The OTT Takeover
Why the move to HDR matters for more than just 4K—and why OTT services and devices are going to lead the way
One to Many: Streaming Live Video to Multiple Platforms
If you're delivering a live video stream, you likely want to publish it on as many platforms as possible. Here's the best hardware and software to pull it off.
Catch the Buzz: Drone Racing Is the Next Frontier for Sports
Drone racing is the latest esport moving from hobbists to mass appeal. Fast-paced events are help around the world, but live streaming remains an obstacle.
Online Video News
Disney Pullout Could Be Trouble for Netflix; 19% Likely to Cancel
When Disney removes its movies from Netflix in 2019, one-fifth of Netflix subscribers could decide to leave, according to a poll conducted by Fluent.
CBS Takes All Access International: NBCU Says So Long to Seeso
One rises and one falls: CBS All Access is riding into new markets, while NBCUniversal's Seeso never got off the ground.
Short Cuts
Video: How to Reduce Latency for Mobile VR Streaming
Yahoo Director of Engineering Satender Saroha discusses latency issues particular to VR streaming to mobile and technical measures to address them.
Video: Technical Challenges of Monetizing and Selling Online Video
InPlayer CEO George Meek discusses the challenges of enabling and supporting online sales of video content, from transactions to localization to time-to-market and paywalls.
Industry News
Newest member of Mediasite Recorder family extends plug-and-play capture to even more classrooms, drives big results for student study habits
Two-thirds of VR HMDs are expected to support 4K resolution in 2022
Discover Video today announced that it was awarded a GSA Contract for its entire product line of on-premises and cloud based video streaming solutions. The GSA contract allows federal, state, and local government agencies to receive the best price on the
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