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January 11, 2017

Featured Articles
CES 2017: Cisco Looks at Challenges Facing Streaming Providers
The future of living room video includes conversational interfaces and TV sets that know who's in the room and what they want to watch. But will viewers feel comfortable with that level of intelligence?
CES 2017: For LG TVs, W Is for Wallpaper, Window, and Wow
LG's lineup of OLED TVs for 2017 are thinner than ever for an immersive viewing experience. Nano Cell technology improves color reproduction.
CES 2017: For Samsung, Q Is for Quantum, Quality, and QLED
Samsung says the Quantum Dot Technology in its QLED lineup will deliver unparalleled color reproduction at any brightness.
Online Video News
Standalone Apps Outperforming TVE, Don't Require Authentication
In its State of the Broadcast Industry report, Ooyala sees strong growth for connected TVs and VR headsets, but says AR and 360° video has an advantage.
CES 2017: Niche Players Make a Rush to OTT, Says Brightcove
Thanks to low cost solutions, such as Brightcove's template-based OTT Flow, smaller media companies are creating their own niche SVOD offerings
CES 2017: Inside Sling TV's Widely Leaked AirTV Set-Top Box
The AirTV combines local and streaming channels in one convenient grid, and deserved more buzz than it got.
CES 2017: Tablo Offers Two New Options for Accessing OTA Video
Cord-cutters will appreciate accessing channels with a fast HDMI connection, as well as storing recordings on a cloud DVR.
CES 2017: Mohu Antenna Combines OTA and OTT in Wireless Device
Cord cutters know they can get over-the-air channels for free, but constantly switching TV inputs is a hassle. One company provides an elegant solution.
Short Cuts
Video: The ROI of Using Multiple Codecs
Akamai's Will Law discusses the broad adoption of HEVC and the advantages for content owners of absorbing the additional cost of encoding to HEVC and VP9 for the ROI of expanded reach to supporting platforms.
Video: Challenges of Migrating from Flash to HTML5
Disney's Mark Arana and Wowza's Chris Knowlton discuss the challenges content owners face in migrating their video from Flash to HTML5, and the importance of knowing where their video will land before planning their migration strategy.
Industry News
SHIELD Powers New NVIDIA AI Home Platform, Integrating Google Assistant for TV, SmartThings Hub, NVIDIA SPOT AI Mic
Insta360 Pro Raises Bar For Professional VR Imaging and Gives Creators Unique High-Performance Tool for Immersive 360-degree 3D Content
Accedo selected as an initial UX partner
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