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January 02, 2017

Featured Articles
What the Nokia-Apple Lawsuit Means for the Streaming Industry
If Nokia's standards infringement lawsuit prevails over Apple, the costs could be steep to any company relying on H.264 or even HEVC. Here are the issues at stake.
SVOD Is the Clear OTT Winner
Amazon Prime Instant Video's expansion and the introduction of BritBox drive home the point: SVOD will be the leading OTT business model for the foreseeable future.
Twitter Gets Live Video Creation; Does Periscope Have a Future?
In order to battle Facebook Live, Twitter adds live video creation to tweets. While that's a smart move, the change eliminates the need for the Periscope app.
Online Video News
One-Third of U.S. Broadband Households Have Multiple OTT Subs
"Service stacking," where households sign up for more than one over-the-top video service, is about to become the new normal.
Hulu Signs Exclusive License to Stream Several Disney Films
Prior to launching its skinny bundle service, Hulu makes a plea to families by adding scores of movies from Disney studios.
Buffering Is the Biggest Online Video Frustration, Then Quality
If a video buffers three times, 78% of the audience clicks away. OTT adoption is strong, but the same problems continue plaguing the industry, finds Limelight.
Short Cuts
Video: Can MPEG-DASH and HLS Coexist in the Current Video Delivery Ecosystem?
Akamai's Will Law discusses the current codec climate, the pros and cons of HLS and DASH features and deployments, and the advent of CMAF.
Video: Do We Still Need Adaptive Bitrate Streaming?
Akamai's Will Law, Disney's Mark Arana, and Yahoo's Omer Luzzatti discuss the ongoing need for ABR streaming in the fast-changing streaming landscape.
Industry News
Innovative Netflix implementation complements Liberty Global’s compelling user experience
The Best in 4K Entertainment to be Delivered Over-the-Top by NeuLion
RCA extends partnership with Curtis International as it becomes the brand’s US TV licensee
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