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July 20, 2016

Featured Articles
The Summer of Streaming Love: Will Netflix Take Over the World?
The origins of the internet date back to hippie-era San Francisco, where the building blocks were created. This summer, online video is set for a similar revolution.
VR Reality Check: Challenges to Widespread Consumer Adoption
VR remains a niche market, but it's a growing one with huge potential. Here are the latest developments and what it means to adoption in the live production and streaming world.
Online Video News
Olympics a Challenge for Cord-Cutters; Is Netflix the Answer?
Call it a pipe dream, but nearly one-third of Americans would like to watch Summer Olympics video live on Netflix. Does SVOD have a future with the IOC?
Ooyala Adds Server-Side Ad Insertion for Live Video Streams
Viewers will see targeted ads whether they view live or on-demand content, and frequency capping will keep viewers from feeling annoyed.
Microsoft Introduces Stream, New Enterprise Video Platform
Building from Office 365 Video, Stream is Microsoft's attempt at an end-to-end enterprise video platform. Anyone can try it for free now, but the company will start charging later this year.
Short Cuts
Video: What's Next for IP-Delivered Video?
Panelists from NBC, Flix, and comScore discuss which OTT business models will and won't work going forward, and whether or not you need scale to be successful.
Video: Why Adaptive Bitrate Streaming?
Streamroot's Erica Beavers makes the case for adaptive bitrate streaming and explains how to deliver the best possible user experience via ABR encoding.
Industry News
Due to expanding consumer offerings, such as 360 and VR, content providers need to search for new solutions. The answer is HEVC/H.265.
Local News Video Clips Are Now Accessible from, Featuring Trending, High-Profile Videos and Categories
Studio Connect simplifies title curation, pricing, promotions, metadata enrichment, and publishing to partners
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