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October 05, 2015

Featured Articles
Implementing Real-Time Video Collaboration in the Enterprise
For many companies, the path is clear: understanding, championing, and leveraging video collaboration for more efficient business models.
How to Think Small and Travel Light: The Streaming Video Carry-On
We set out to build a roadworthy streaming production studio that fits in a carry-on bag. The result isn't cheap, but the flexibility and freedom it offers is worth the price
Ustream Review: The Live Streaming Service Evolves for New Areas
Not just a live streamer, Ustream supports video-on-demand, enterprise-level security, and lead generation. Its strength, however, is still with live video.
Online Video News
Virgin to Offer Netflix Streaming on 10 Planes With Fast Wi-Fi
"Netflix and chill" meets the mile high club as Netflix subscribers gain the ability to stream from the SVOD leader's catalog at 35,000 feet.
Comcast Debuts Watchable, Offering Videos From Top Web Creators
Free and ad-supported, Watchable bundles online video originals and streams them to mobile, desktop, and living room viewers.
Google Chromecast Has Stronger Wi-Fi, New Shape, Same Low Price
The new Chromecast Audio device creates the same experience for music, turning any speaker into a wireless receiver.
Verizon/AOL to Launch Go90 This Week, Publicis Signs an Exclusive
The streaming service will launch on iOS and Android on Thursday, providing a millennial-oriented, mobile-first take on OTT video.
Industry News
A new, free desktop app, upgrade to Plus option, enhanced streaming, casting, and DVR features, and a newly designed website push PlayOn to the forefront of streaming solutions.
Product will also offer pay­per­view live streams through Eventbrite integration.
Combination of Measurement Leaders Paves Way for New Cross-Platform Ratings Currency; Expands Choice for Television and Advertising Industries
All About Speed, the TiVo Bolt Offers One-Touch Commercial SkipMode and QuickMode for Fast Viewing
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