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July 20, 2015

Featured Articles
Is Flash Undead? What Will it Take to Finally Kill the Beast?
Everybody's using HTML5 and MPEG-DASH these days, right? Not so fast. Reports of Flash's death have been greatly exaggerated.
The Atlantic Adapts: A Legendary Magazine Meets Online Video
The 150-year-old literary magazine is not only surviving online, but thriving partly due to the creation of smart, informative, and funny original online video.
What Happened to the Future of Interactive, Immersive Video?
People used to imagine an online video world that was engaging and interactive. But, instead of achieving that, we've settled for duplicating TV.
Online Video News
Sling Intros Slingbox M2, Now With Free Ad-Supported Mobile Apps
Accessing live and saved videos should be easier, thanks to free mobile device apps and set-up assistance via Skype.
OTT Could Grow to $12B Industry by 2018, Says Ooyala Report
While Netflix will continue to dominate, Ooyala sees plenty of opportunities for niche services in kids, anime, and sports video.
Comcast Announces Stream, OTT Service for the Young and TV-Less
The cable and pay TV giant goes after cord-nevers with a low-priced streaming offering, but its many limitations ensure it will have a hard time standing out among the competition.
Industry News
Streaming Service Arrives Online, Accessible via the Roku platform, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV
See How to “Come and Get” All of HBO on HBO NOW
Showbox Gives Brands and Individuals a Scalable Web Interface to Easily Produce Professional Grade Video Content With a Full Online Studio
Inventions increase control, engagement and monetization of live and on-demand streamed broadcasts
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