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July 06, 2015

Featured Articles
Branded Content and Programmatic Are the Future of Online Ads
Everything else is going to disappear. A Streaming Media East panel looks at what will succeed and what's already lost in online video advertising.
Programmatic Ads Command a Premium Price, Prized Over Linear TV
Thanks to its advanced demographic targeting and scarcity, programmatic advertising on premium video is attracting buyers.
HOW TO: Developing Universal Windows Applications for Xbox and Beyond
This technical presentation shows developers how to set up their Visual Studio projects for development and deployment to Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone.
Online Video News
Facebook Announces Ad Revenue Sharing for Major Video Partners
The social network continues to take aim at YouTube, this time enticing handpicked video partners with a percentage of ad revenues.
Netflix Is the #3 Broadcaster in the U.S., Will Be #1 in 2016
While Netflix has been the biggest name is SVOD since its online debut, its momentum will soon make it the country's biggest broadcaster.
Vivendi Buys 80% Share of Video Site Dailymotion From Orange
Orange finds a European partner for Dailymotion. Vivendi will use the site to promote Canal+ and Universal Music Group properties.
Industry News
Idomoo also introduces Idomoo Academy, helping customers better leverage the new technology
RoboSHOT 12 USB Simplifies Enterprise and End-User Experience
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