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February 23, 2015

Featured Articles
Duke's Campus Video Efforts Guided by Choice and Experimentation
When Duke gave iPods to all of its freshmen in 2004, no one could have predicted it would lead to the creation of multiple innovative video tools.
Microsoft: How to Keep Dull Webcasts Out of Your Enterprise
Are employees watching in-house webcasts because they have to or because they want to? Learn the secrets of creating compelling enterprise video.
For Epix, Multi-Platform Viewing Is the Only Option Forward
Streaming content to multiple platforms is now an essential. Epix explains how it prioritizes platforms and secures rights with content holders.
Online Video News
YouTube Will Offer Subscription Service for Avoiding Ads
While the experience is currently being fine-tuned, a subscription plan is in the works and will launch in the next few months.
Ooyala Offers Advice on Reaching and Keeping Cord-Cutters
Millennials aren't tied to their TVs or to pay TV services. To attract them, understand what they want and be flexible.
BrightRoll Survey: Online Video Ads as or More Effective Than TV
In its annual ad agency survey, BrightRoll finds that online video ads are going mainstream, with agencies increasingly relying on them.
Industry News
Complete Asset Management and Automation at NAB 2015
New Activity and Media Tracking Enhances Search and Discovery For Better Collaboration and Interactivity
rdeto Reveals 385% Spike in Piracy Worldwide for Oscar-Nominated Films and Estimated Potential Revenue of over $40 Million from Leaked Hollywood Screeners of Movies like American Sniper and The Imitation Game
Vessel subscribers to receive early access to select videos by Universal Music Group artists
Improved search and discovery experience increases paid content purchases
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