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February 11, 2015

Featured Articles
iOgrapher Brings Simple Video Production to Cash-Strapped Schools
With an iPad, an iOgrapher, and a few accessories, schools and even news networks are learning how strong the results of mobile shooting can be.
Sony: First Live 4K Football or Baseball Game Will Be a Milestone
When will viewers finally take notice of the benefits of 4K video? When they can stream a live football or baseball game in glorious ultra-high definition.
How the NFL Diagrams In-House and Remote Video Workflows
When millions of football fans are watching the output, the NFL can't afford to make a mistake. Here's how it tackles the problem of complicated workflows.
Online Video News
Sling TV Launches, Offers 13 Streaming Channels for $20 Per Month
Aimed at millennials, Sling TV is the first OTT bundle on the market. Add-on packages let subscribers tailor the service to their interests.
Netflix to Launch Service in Japan, First Expansion to Asia
The company will open an office in Tokyo to build relationships with consumer electronics companies and local filmmakers.
Taboola Raises $117M in Series E; Fidelity Leads the Round
The content recommendation company closes its biggest funding round yet, and will expand globally with new personalized experiences.
Industry News
Digital Video Property Targets Younger Audience Through Social and Mobile Distribution
Number of Presenters Increases By 50% From Last Year, With the Additions of Beatport, Bloomberg Media, Collective Digital Studio, Daily, DEFY Media, Endemol Beyond, Lin Digital, StyleHaul, & Whistle Sports Network
As the provider of choice for dozens of participating stations, networks, and NFL teams, 85 LiveU units transmitted 4,460 GB of data and 1,785 hours of video for the event
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