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August 06, 2014

Featured Articles
Why the Broadcasting Industry Should Get Behind DASH Adoption
Broadcasters want standards they can depend on to stand the test of time. What they don't want is to regularly change their entire video workflows.
Brand Safety and Online Advertising: Who Can Advertisers Trust?
Before major brands will spend some of their TV ad budgets online, they need to feel confident their ads won't appear on content that could hurt the brand's image.
How to Choose a Corporate YouTube System for Any Company
Some corporate YouTube systems are standalone products and some are integrated into larger video platforms. Here's how to make a smart choice.
Online Video News
Good-Bye, Apple TV? Study Says Market Share Falls 11 Points
The set-top box market is heavy with innovation, but none of it from Apple. Could the next Apple TV reverse the trend with 4K video streaming?
VDMS and thePlatform Form Alliance for End-to-End Video Solution
thePlatform is bringing the video management, while Verizon Digital Media Services is supplying the CDN and the single-format encoding.
Yelp Adds User-Submitted Videos Powered by Brightcove, Zencoder
Reviewers can now upload short video clips from their iPhone apps; Android support should be coming soon.
Industry News
Treehouse Allows Users to Create Seamless Interactive Video Experiences Via Easy-to-Use and Robust Web-based Platform
New games include Flappy Birds Family, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Dungeon Quest, and Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse
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