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July 16, 2014

Featured Articles
Online Video Insiders Aren't Using Second-Screen Apps: Study
While there's a lot of hype around second-screen apps and personalized recommendations, video pros aren't fans. So who's the audience?
Educators, Adopt 4K Video Now and Get Ahead of the Curve
While ultra-high definition video is years away from becoming the viewing standard, there's no reason to wait that long for video production.
Taking Control of Big Data: The Challenge of M&E Data Management
For media and entertainment companies still storing data in digital silos, that's no way to move forward. Discover the benefits of content storage management solutions.
The 2014 Reel Video Summit Is Coming: Here’s Why You Should Go
For companies serious about online video marketing, the Reel Video Summit is a must-attend. Read what will take place at the San Francisco event, and how to get a 35 percent discount.
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