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March 05, 2014

Featured Articles
Netflix and Comcast: Exploring the Numbers Behind the Agreement
It's time to clear away the many myths and misconceptions surrounding the controversial distribution deal between Netflix and Comcast.
Transit: What it Is, How it Works
Thanks to the Netflix/Comcast agreement, there's been a lot of discussion about transit in the press. Unfortunately, most of it is uninformed.
Why the Comcast-Netflix Deal Is a Win for Consumers
There's more misinformation being written about this agreement than actual information. Lazy tech sites need to understand: It's not about net neutrality!
Online Video News
Comcast to Acquire FreeWheel for $320M
The cable giant will grow its online efforts with ad-streaming technology from FreeWheel, insiders predict. Adds Programmatic Buying for Linear TV
Audience Path,'s programmatic buying platform, now lets buyers execute targeted linear and digital campaigns with one tool.
CEA Study: OTT Video Enhancing, Not Replacing, Traditional TV
Are physical discs going away? Not any time soon. Study finds that people overwhelmingly prefer DVDs and Blu-ray to online sources.
Industry News
Subscribers also can live stream the All-Star Game and FOX Saturday national games
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