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January 15, 2014

Featured Articles
Choosing a Video Player: Features and Specs for the Top Five
We examine off-the-shelf video players MediaElement.js, Video.js, jPlayer, Flowplayer, and JW Player to show which of these five favorites is the best for any situation. Transcoding Shows Value of Cloud Services
With formats expanding and more processing power required, transcoding was an early cloud test cast. Now, more workflow elements are going to the cloud.
CES 2014: Netflix Says Consumers Unclear on UHD Benefits
Unless the industry decides on greater UHD improvements and educates buyers, UHD TV will be reduced to a resolution number.
Online Video News
CES 2014: Rabbit TV to Release New Super Simple Streaming Device
Four million buyers took to Rabbit TV's $10 per year streaming message. Now, the company is expanding to mobile devices and younger viewers.
December Video Rankings: Online Video Ads Jump, LiveRail Advances
Facebook shows impressive growth, but the inclusion of uploaded Vine videos and the use of auto-play videos are the chief reasons.
CES 2014: Q Factor Aims to Solve Video Buffering With an SDK
Packet loss and retransmission can greatly slow video streaming. Q Factor finds a clever way to replace those lost packets.
Industry News
Proposed Combination Believed to Offer the Most Value for Both Abacast and AllDigital Holdings Shareholders
Sonic Foundry signed a definitive stock purchase agreement with the shareholders of Mediasite K.K. to acquire the remaining interest in the company
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