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December 04, 2013

Featured Articles
Why MSOs Should Not Switch Directly From MPEG-2 to HEVC
AVC is a mature and proven choice, while HEVC is still in its infancy. Dan Rayburn challenges the common wisdom on HEVC.
Who Says Print Is Dead? Streaming Media Ups its Print Schedule
The leading voice of the online video community is increasing its print run from six to nine issues per year due to huge demand. Yes, there's a little irony here.
Faster Is Better, but There Is Better than Faster
In the context of the cross-platform digital experience, a holistic approach to performance using PACE will keep customers sticking with your content and coming back for more
Online Video News
Rockefeller Bill Aims to Stop Online Video Favoritism by ISPs
A recently introduced bill aims to stop ISPs from blocking or slowing video transmissions from competing companies.
Flipped Classroom Model Taking Off, Thanks to Online Video
A new report from Sonic Foundry and the Center for Digital Education shows instructor and student benefits from a video-driven flipped classroom approach to learning
Sling Updates SlingPlayer App for iPad
The revised app includes split-screen viewing, social network support, and live sports stats. A Windows app is in the works.
Industry News
InStream Mobile is the fastest streaming player for iOS and Android, decoding full HD video without the need for intermediate streaming servers or transcoders, in under 500 milliseconds
Unique player design solves metadata challenges, simplifies multiscreen advertising for broadcasters, audio publishers across multiple devices
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