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August 14, 2013

Featured Articles
Into the Cloud: Exploring the Next Generation of Video Services
Cloud services change the value proposition for online video creators and distributors. Dive deep into the cloud to learn about the savings and features it offers.
Why Curation Devalues the Product, Creator, and Viewer
One of the hot buzzwords of the last few years, "curation" is showing itself to be an empty vessel that does more harm than good.
Viacom Offers Best Practices for Live Streaming Delivery
A digital workflow specialist explains the finer points of HDS and HLS, while suggesting tips for both.
Online Video News
MixBit App, From YouTube's Creators, Joins Vine and Instagram
Editing, remixing, and long-form projects come to the iPhone with a simple and fun social video app.
Aereo Plans September Launch for Dallas, Houston, Miami
Continuing an aggressive expansion plan, Aereo announces three more markets. Meanwhile, Time Warner and CBS give it a boost.
Department of Commerce to Make Unauthorized Streaming a Felony
Reproducing copyrighted material is a felony, while streaming it is a misdemeanor, but that distinction could go away.
Industry News
Portable Mamba DIG/IP™ Encoder will be Featured at IBC 2013, is Ideal for Electronic News Gathering and Live Streaming
Aspera’s fasp high-speed file transport supports’s services
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