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May 27, 2013

Featured Articles
Streaming Media East: CBS Points the Way to Multimedia Success
Clever online video program extensions and an emphasis on viewer engagement help CBS lead the way in multiplatform streaming.
Streaming Media East: Old Media Embraces the New
Old media has found that, rather than being competition, new media is a great tool for attracting viewers and extending successful properties.
Streaming Media East: UFC's DIY Approach
Handling virtually all of its video functions in-house, UFC has had to overcome challenges from data storage to minimizing turnaround times for its time-sensitive content
Streaming Media East: Cloud Video Services in the Enterprise
Security issues and scalability should weigh heavily in an enterprise's cloud partner decision-making process
Streaming Media East: Monetizing New Distribution Models
AOL, ESPN, Scripps, and Discovery Communications discuss how media companies are responding to new audience behavior
Online Video News
April Video Rankings: Video Ads Continue to Rise
Desktop video views continue a slow decline, although viewers are watching more ads on those videos.
PeerApp Announces New Revenue-Sharing Model
Offers framework in which pure-play CDNs and service providers can collaborate and generate shared revenue
DASH-AVC/264: Paring Down MPEG-DASH
DASH-IF introduces a leaner, meaner H.264/fMP4 approach, officially called DASH-AVC/264
Industry News
Leader in premium content seeks to tightly integrate e-commerce with streaming video content
Canby Telcom selects Elemental to create channel on Roku to bring subscribers new live video streaming service
World’s first battery-powered multichannel live production streaming system gives internet broadcasters true portability
Now Any Professional Microphone Can be Used with Vaddio's EasyUSB Audio Solutions
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