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February 27, 2013

Featured Articles
Intel Media Finds that Hardware Is the Easy Part: Commentary
The real challenge in creating a breakthrough set-top box is providing access to unbundled premium channels.
The State of Streaming Media Protocols 2013
It's all about DASH: Adoption is moving at a rapid pace, as industry insiders see a strong need to get DASH implemented in the field in the coming year.
The State of Education Video 2013
Online video is flipping the classroom: students view instructor videos at home, then do homework in class for maximum teacher-student interaction.
A Buyer's Guide to Nonlinear Editors
It's not a question of which editing program is best, but which is best for a certain user undertaking a certain project. Here are the points to consider when selecting an editor.
Online Video News
Brightcove Pushes HTML5 Video Forward with Monetization Plan
Publishers can tap into four video advertising networks to serve pre-, mid-, and post-roll video ads.
Rovi Survey Shows High Streaming Video Rates on Mobile Devices
Looking at mobile video adoption in the U.S. and Europe, Rovi finds strong demand for long-form video and live content.
Nielsen Decides that Streaming Viewers Count, Too
Connected TVs will soon be monitored by Nielsen, while YouTube views now count for Billboard music rankings.
Industry News
LG First to License DivX Plus Streaming for Mobile Devices
Announces $700,000 in seed funding; adds Joanna Drake Earl to Board of Directors
Charter Participants Introduce Advanced Display and Video Campaigns Within Mobile Phone, Tablet and Connected TV Apps
SPB TV, a provider of technology solutions for mobile, IP and OTT TV has joined forces with Tafi Media, an international mobile TV advertising agency, to launch a global OTT and Mobile TV Ad Server.
At the upcoming iMA Conference, StreamGuys will demonstrate how public media can leverage emerging technology in the streaming media space to advance its mission.
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