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January 14, 2013

Featured Articles
CES Report: Bravo Says Social is a Must for Online Video Creators
In a Digital Hollywood panel, a Bravo exec explains the value of social interactions and the tricky nature of branded online video.
CES Report: Fraunhofer Hears Good News in MPEG DASH Spec
At its CES booth, Fraunhofer is giving an audio tour to what people can expect from the upcoming MPEG DASH specification.
CES Report: Comcast Says Apple Is Coming for Us, We’re Ready
Whatever the Apple television ultimately looks like, it could shake up the pay TV industry. Comcast is trying to prepare ahead of time.
CES Report: 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards Honors the Best Online Video
"Squaresville" took three awards, while many shows nabbed two in a more evenly distributed awards presentation.
Online Video News
CES Report: ActiveVideo Finds its Moment with CloudTV Platform
CloudTV is unquestionably attractive, flexible, and useful, so what does it take to win some major clients?
CES Report: Fredio App Brings Free Video the Television
Fredio is the simple visual filter for streaming premium video that many have been waiting for. But will the networks put up a fight?
CES Report: RCA Shows Connected TVs, M-Go Movies
Created by Technicolor and Dreamworks, the M-Go service is getting a big public unveiling at CES.
CES Report: Audible Magic Launches Synchronized Ad Service
The rise is second-screen viewing has caught on with advertisers, so Audible Magic is finding success with its ACR technology.
KIT Digital Content Solutions Rebrands as "utd. by content"
No longer a part of KIT Digital, the company has a new name, logo, and focus on content management software.
Industry News
Jinni leverages semantic discovery technology to create first NLU engine to power voice-activated TV experience; so users can speak freely to find exactly what they’re in the mood to watch.
Time Warner Cable Integrating Digitalsmiths Seamless Discovery to Power Personalized Discovery Experiences Across Its Subscriber Base
Switchable Inputs and Low-Profile Form Factor Add Flexibility to Osprey Line
ARRIS MG2402 gateway incorporates Zenverge ZN200 IC to provide multiscreen support for the connected home
Company hosts over 180 live best practice webinars with its Mediasite webcasting and video management platform
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