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August 15, 2012

Featured Articles
CNN, NBC and PBS Have Big Online Plans for Party Conventions
The games of summer continue. With the London Olympics now over, the streaming world turns its eyes to the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions.
The Arrival of Live 3.0
Advances in the live video workflow have opened the doors to IP acquisition and routing, moving us towards 99.9999% reliable live streaming
Who Still Uses Flash Video? Just About Everybody
Despite all the attention HTML5 video has gotten, informal testing shows that most sites don't see a competitive benefit to leaving Flash.
Sharethrough Offers Expert Advice on Going Viral
Getting attention online is crucial for video ads, but there's a lot of competition. Learn the secrets of attracting the right kind of viewers.
Online Video News
Qumu Releases Capture Studio 2.5, Adds Smooth Streaming Support
The QCS video capture and streaming appliance also gains support for Apple HTTP Live Streaming.
NIA Survey: NBC's Olympic Streaming Shows Value of TV Everywhere
Viewers who watched NBC's live online streams were more likely to keep their pay TV services, says survey.
AOL Upgrades and Rebrands Smart TV App, Adds TiVo Support
The AOL On app will deliver ad opportunities for brands running multiplatform campaigns.
Industry News
Demonstrations Include High-Performance File-Based Transcoding, Integrated Network PVR, Enhancements to Spectrum ChannelPort Integrated Channel Playout
AQORD’s one-of-a-kind feature saves integration time and set-up cost
Popular local on-air personalities Henry Santoro, Julie Kramer, Adam 12 and Paul Driscoll return to Boston radio with the best in alternative music, exclusive interviews
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