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December 12, 2011

Featured Articles
Celebs on the Web: Hollywood Discovers Streaming Video
More and more stars are bypassing the traditional Hollywood system and going straight to the web.
WeVideo Review: The Top Browser-Based Editor, but Still Limited
We take a hands-on look at the online editor WeVideo and find it the closest thing to a desktop application, but hardly fully-featured.
MPEG DASH's Future: Unified Format or DASHed Hopes?
MPEG DASH is a hot topic for the online video industry right now, but will it actually lead to a single format future?
Review: NewTek TriCaster TCXD850 Extreme
Does this all-in-one video mixer have what it takes to stream your next event? We put the robust TriCaster TCXD850 Extreme to the test in this exhaustive review.
Cord-Cutting Easier Said Than Done: Commentary
What happens when over-the-top technology meets the average living room? A confusing combination of remotes, wires, and devices. When will that cordless future actually arrive?
Online Video News
Online Video Traffic Will Be Higher than Expected, Says Skytide
Strong online video demand will lead to a capacity crunch in 2012, predicts report.
BitTorrent Releases µTorrent Plus, First Paid Version of Client
Subscription client solves the problem of transcoding files for use on mobile devices.
TV Service FreeCast Offers Facebook App
FreeCast directs viewers to streaming video and music, and it's now onboard with the largest social network.
Original Branded Content Gives Best Ad Value, Says Study
Specific Media tested ad performance on four types of online videos, and one winner emerged.
Industry News
Agency Reaches More People More Cost-Effectively With Video Distribution From Wowza Media Server Software
Vzaar (, one of the leading online video hosting platforms, today announced that it has been selected by Virgin Games to serve the video content on their casino, bingo, poker, and mobile sites.
Results in Most Efficient Segmenting for HLS; Lower Video Storage and Delivery Costs for Content Providers
Netflix Members Can Now Browse TV Shows and Movies More Easily On Xbox - Even using Kinect for Xbox 360 Voice and Gesture Capabilities
Streamworks delivers more than 3.5 million unique stream viewers for MLG events between June and November 2011
Over 1.7 million votes for $1,000,000 support to at-risk music programs in the U.S.
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