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January 12, 2011

Featured Articles
CES: Yahoo! Connected TV to Provide "Broadcast Interactivity"
Connected televisions, which can stream online content with no set-top box required, were one of the hot areas at this year's CES. In this video, a Yahoo! VP explains his company's new interactive features.
The Carrot or The Stick: Wresting Control of the Broadcast Airwaves
The battle between broadcasters and wireless providers heats up with remarks made by FCC Chair Julius Genachowski at CES last week
Online Video News
iGugu: What Happens When Internet TV Technology Isn’t Ready for Prime Time
Igugu's approach to getting the web onto television may have some merit, but the current implementation leaves much to be desired
Dailymotion Launches Curated Content Hubs
Mini-sites lets viewers explore a current topic, and advertisers serve a targeted audience.
ActiveVideo Expands with Funai TVs
Cloud-based company will soon stream content to connected TVs and Blu-ray players
Digitalsmiths Drives Microsoft Movies
Metadata masters break down movies to create uniquely targeted user experiences in Microsoft Silverlight Enhanced Movies for Paramount Digital on Windows Phone 7
Woomi Begins Worldwide Rollout at CES 2011
Miniweb aims to provide an alternative to both Google TV and other connected devices by offering a marketplace between content providers and CE manufacturers
Industry News
Elemental’s Accelerated Video Compression Implemented on New Intel Platforms
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