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Sixty is looking for JavaScript Developers in Bergen
Bergen, Norway.

Job Description:

Front-end developers at Sixty are working on UI implementations of web stack applications. Our focus is the user experience. 

At Sixty you will be working on product development that is mission critical for our clients. Our main focus of interest is the Multiscreen TV market, where we bridge the gap between regular TV and on demand content with our game changing product line Ease by Sixty. Our designs and implementations are already in use by millions. 

Besides having a talent in programming, you must have a great visual taste and interest in UI design. All of our developers are strongly involved during the design phase of our projects, together with our UI designers.



  • Experience in developing full stack UI applications in JavaScript.
  • Extensive experience with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 / SVG.
  • Back-end programming (Node, Ruby, PHP) experience is a plus

Personal attributes

  • You are responsible and like to work independently
  • Sense of aesthetics and design
  • An appreciation for interaction design, we spent a lot of time tweaking the details
  • Fluent English and good communication skills

About the Company:

Today TV plays an important part in billions of people's life, but the way we watch TV is changing. People still want to relax, escape, be enlightened and entertained, at the same time they want freedom of choice, to explore, to play, to interact and communicate. At Sixty we deliver game-changing products and services that enables media companies worldwide to enhance and innovate their TV solutions to meet the expectations of tomorrow. Sixty is widely recognized as an award winning and trustworthy global provider that delivers cutting edge TV design, digital product development and unique know-how to leading vendors in the media industry.

Sixty's main office is located 60 degrees north in Bergen Norway. For this specific position, we want to hire the best person for the job and prefer to have you join the team in Bergen. Since 20% of our company works remotely we are open to discuss such a solution after at least a year at the head office. 

If you want to apply you need to have relevant projects to show for. We believe in talent and a great portfolio.


Erlend Mongstad
+47 456 32 933