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Looking for Streaming Media Expert for Exciting Cloud Gaming Opportunity!
Austin, Texas

Job Description:


  • Independently plan, track and set goals for low latency media streaming server technologies
  • Provide technology leadership and drive innovation in our audio-video streaming server technologies
  • Work closely with our Platform, Game Node and Endpoint teams towards optimal fidelity low latency media streaming path
  • Support QA and Customer Support as needed


  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Very strong analytical ability, problem solving ability and skills in quantitative math
  • Ability to work independently
  • Experience with Agile development process
  • Excellent software engineering skills, i.e., enumerating requirements, documenting design, managing open issues and tasks and establishing and reviewing test plans
  • Process oriented and empirically minded with excellent troubleshooting skills



  • 5+ years of experience in video encoding technology, specifically H.264 (required)
  • 5+ years of experience in C/C++ development in an embedded environment (required)
  • Proficient in the TI DaVinci development environment for video encoders, i.e., Codec Engine framework, XDM interfaces (VIDENC), DMAI, OMX (required)
  • Proficient in the TI DaVinci hardware architecture for DM6467, DM36x, DM814x, DM816x, specifically HD-VPSS/HD-VPFE, HD-VICP2 (IVA-HD) accelerator blocks, ARM Cortex A8 architecture
  • Expert in understanding and scoping trade-offs for algorithmic enhancements on HD-VICP2 (IVA-HD), for blocks such as motion estimation, mode decision, intra prediction, in terms of program memory versus execution cycles budget versus data memory
  • Expert in video encoder algorithms, specifically mode selection algorithms for intra-motion and inter-motion estimation algorithms, low latency tool-sets and optimizations such as low latency rate control (required)
  • Familiarity with state of future video and audio compression specifications, such as H.265, H.264 MVC, SRS and DTS surround.
  • Proficient in RTP packetization for video and audio bitstream formats, such as RFC3984 for H.264 and RFC3640 for AAC-LC stereo
  • BSEE/CS or equivalent is required, MSEE/CS or Ph.D. is preferred


  • Working knowledge of video processing front-end, i.e., video resizing, video chroma conversion, video chroma formats
  • Working knowledge of video encoding in an embedded environment, specifically H.264
  • Working knowledge of the Video for Linux (V4L) pipeline
  • Proficient in the coding of embedded, multi-threaded applications, including thread priority
  • Proficient in the coding of efficient capture, video and audio packetization routines

About the Company:

Spawn Labs is a wholly owned subsidiary of GameStop. Located in Austin, Texas, Spawn Labs is GameStop’s Cloud Gaming division. We are a small, autonomous and dynamic team spanning a large array of technologies with multiple opportunities for professional growth. Our technology enables streaming of rich, immersive video games from data centers to a variety of consumer endpoint devices.


Vivek Viswanathan