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ITS Communications Engineer
Jackson, MS

Job Description:

ITS Communications Engineer

Jackson, MS
Are you an Electrical Engineer or Electrical/Computer Engineering professional with experience in the Intelligent Transportation Systems industry? 
The ideal candidate will have interest in communication systems, video integration, computer system design, development of information dissemination systems to users of the latest technologies such as the WEB, Android, and iPhones and iPads.

This position will provide video, communication, computer, network, and software support in design and integration of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Individual will work with senior engineers and management to develop and implement innovative solutions for ITS clients in multiple states to transfer data, information and video between field devices, communication technologies, partners, and to the public. Individual will be responsible for assisting with the concept, design, deployment, configuration, integration, operations, and maintenance of those systems. Responsibilities will include creating and setting up video distribution systems, development of communications systems using a wide range of communication media from fiber to wireless, and maintenance of software, databases, and servers used in those systems. Will be required to document system configurations and procedures and write and review specifications.



Include the following.  Other duties may be assigned as needed.

ITS Design: Will assist in development of ITS communication and computer systems. Develop specifications and standards to be utilized on ITS projects and systems. Develop configurations and procedures for installations.


  • Video Distribution Systems: Will research and develop expertise in the use of the latest video technologies. Understanding the use of H.264, unicast, multicast, RTSP for the purpose of distribution of video across a large variety of network platforms both internal to clients and for distribution to public consumers on the internet and with mobile platforms such as smartphones, etc. Will be expected to install, setup, and configure video distribution systems for the client that will include distribution internally to command display walls and workstations and externally to WEB sites and to smartphones such as real time video to iPhones.
  • Communications: Will assist in designing the best communication and network architectures to be used in specific ITS projects. These communication systems will include the use of fiber, wireless, microwave, leased services, and in some cases proprietary communications.
  • ITS Devices: Will assist with the design and specification of ITS systems that will include the communication and control of Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), Highway Advisory Radios (HAR), Vehicle Detection Systems (VDS), CCTV, Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS), and others with their supporting devices and computers systems.

ITS Deployment and Integration: Perform installation of ITS and communication hardware and Software.  Configures and manages software and system peripherals.  Assist with the installation of TMC computers, hardware, networks and in performing integration of field devices with TMC hardware and software.  Assist clients in verify projects are meeting plan designs and specifications. Assist the ITS Design Team with system integration, software requirements, and multi-modal and inter-modal system integration and coordination activities to optimize the integration, continuity, and system performance of the ITS and TMC communications and computer systems.  Work with department in testing communications to new field site installations.  Reconfigure system as necessary to include new systems, components, and sites. Perform system checks and acceptance testing on new devices and systems.

ITS Operations & Maintenance: Assist the ITS Team with establishing maintenance requirements and procedures for both management centers and field site equipment hardware and software.  Perform field inspection and acceptance testing of ITS field installations.  Install, diagnose and troubleshoot equipment in the field.  Development of performance measures of ITS systems and subsystems. Develop and perform routine system checks, backups, and maintenance procedures for the systems.



Individual will work from the Ridgeland MS office but also support several Statewide DOTs which will require occasional travel to those DOT facilities for periods of time to work directly on their systems.



Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering or Electrical and Computer Engineering (BSEE/BSECE) from an accredited four year college or university required. 

Candidate must have a minimum of 4 years experience as described above in ITS, or 4 years experience in the design and implementation of communication and video systems.

Candidate should also have a basic understanding of serial and networking (TCP/UDP/IP/ etc) protocols.



          Must have passed the fundamentals of engineering.

          Prefer candidate that has passed and is a registered Professional Engineer

About the Company:

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