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Streaming Media Magazine: June/July 2012
by | A world of entertainment is available for armchair travelers, but video streaming can harm the intimacy of a live show.
by | Adobe's transition from perpetual license to monthly subscriptions for its Creative Suite offerings presents delivery and pricing challenges. Will it be smooth sailing or rough seas ahead?
by | Facebook's acquisition of Instagram has the rumor mill running 24/7, and video sharing apps like Viddy and Socialcam are racking up the investments. That's not necessarily a good thing.
by | The musician and internet-pioneer is traveling the United States, Canada, and Europe, asking people to record messages for an online video time capsule.
by | The experts weigh in on when companies should encode and transcode their own content, and when it makes sense to move to the cloud.
by | With just a laptop and a camcorder, four leading live streaming service providers let you deliver webcasts from almost any location.
by | While Episode Engine is a solid standalone enterprise encoder, a few caveats keep it from taking the top spot.
by | Is it time for your company to step up to an enterprise encoder? Here's how to make your decision.