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Streaming Media Magazine: October/November 2011
by | It's the first annual Streaming Media 100, Streaming Media magazine's editors' picks for the 100 companies that have the greatest impact on the streaming media industry.
by | Discover our inaugural list of the 100 companies doing the most interesting and innovative work in streaming video. Did your favorites make the list?
by | Does the wow-factor of 3D extend to online video? In this drama in five acts, we talk to the people working to make 3D streaming an attractive option for consumers.
by | Mobile video use is exploding and will grow quickly in the years to come. Learn how three companies -- SyncTV, Brightcove, and HBO -- have leaped in to put movies and TV shows in viewers' hands.
by | Do you QC? Read this to learn what quality-control software is, how even low-volume producers can integrate it, and what it can do for your videos.
by | Streaming protocols are getting people talking and the buzz is loudest about Apple HTTP Live Streaming.
by | Director Marc Scarpa helped Incubus create an event in an L.A. warehouse that let the band interact with fans in-person and around the globe.
by | Welcome to the new world of online branded entertainment, where major celebrities are partnering with advertisers to create online series.
by | Whether you need a hardware, software, or hybrid solution for encoding and transcoding, this guide has you covered.
by | #6: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors iPad, no matter how badly you want one.
by | The mobile revolution is taking off: Smart sites are lightening their load times, while CDNs are waking up to the huge opportunity in front of them.
by | Recording lectures for use out of the classroom seems to help in-classroom performance.
by | Businesses are creating private networks over the public Internet using set-top boxes that cost under $100.
by | A 15-year-old packet delivery system is buried within HTTP Live Streaming. It's time to rebuild it from the ground up.
by | HTML5 video appeals to "tree-hugging, sandal-wearing standards lovers," says Jan Ozer, and he's sick of hearing about it.