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Streaming Media Magazine: April/May 2010
by | Internet-connected TVs might be the future, but for now, set-top boxes are connecting the living room to online video. Here's a look at the leading players.
by | The advent of the 21st century's second decade offers the opportunity to look back to gauge the newsmakers and news breakers of 2000-2009. In the streaming world, where we're now into the 14th year, the pace of innovation means that new technologies are being tried, and old technologies are being retested-some for the third or fourth time, depending on the corporate and individual memories of these technologies and on previous business execution attempts.
Nielsen Media is well-known for measuring consumer TV viewing, and its metrics make dollars and sense for TV advertisers. Enterprise broadcasters could use surveys such as Nielsen's to get insight into the viewing behavior of their broadcasts, but the rule of large numbers tends to erode quickly.
by | There's an old Hollywood joke with the punch line, "but I really want to direct." I'm not sure what the actual joke is, or if it's funny, but the reason I bring it up is that if you talk to writers, most would say, "but I really want to be onTV."
by | The best thing about our annual Streaming Media All-Stars feature-in addition to hearing both the humility and the genuine appreciation in the voices of the latest honorees-is reading their responses to the questions we pose to them about their own achievements and their thoughts on where the industry is going.
by | While the streaming industry likes to think of itself as the answer for over-the-air (OTA) broadcasters' legacy solutions, the fact is that we can gain a significant amount of insight from the tried-and-true methods of OTA broadcasters. I'll touch on just a few of them here.
by | Earlier this year, I finally got around to taking a closer look at's web-based transcoding platform; I've been running some videos through the system and getting some more details on the service, and the more time I spend using the service, talking to its customers, and talking to the company's founder and president, the more I like this company.
by | Apple's public brand has been polished to a bright luster over the last decade. But it's fair to say that Apple has always had a special place in the education worldsince the introduction of the Apple II. Thus, I anticipate that educators will pay a lot more attention to the iPad than they have to any previous tablet or e-reader.
by | The third annual Streaming Media All-Star team is made up of the people who've done the most over the years to advance both new technologies and sustainable business models, as well as those who time and time again have given back by educating newcomers inside the industry and evangelizing about online video to those outside it.
by | Our annual list of the most innovative, most important, and just plain coolest stuff in online video