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Streaming Media Magazine: April/May 2008
by | As celebrates 10 years, Oprah and Operation MySpace make webcasting history.
by | The online business multimedia market is facing down seemingly karmic retribution as it continues to grow steadily.
The video team at MSN Autos offers a peek into the latest and greatest in the auto industry.
A look at Dow's DiamondTV project and its implementation of Starbak's global rich media streaming solution
by | Something happened in my latest review. I was reminded why video is so important and why it is changing the world … it’s all about people communicating.
by | These days, most learning institutions take the necessity of investing in their websites seriously. But when it comes to digital media, I feel like it’s 1998 all over again.
In this new Streaming Media magazine feature, we’ll pose a pertinent question to a group of market analysts to give you a better sense of how the financial services sector perceives developments in the streaming media industry. For the April/May issue: Is P2P the future of video content delivery, or will traditional content delivery technology win out in the end?
Thursday, April 17
by | In honor of's tenth anniversary, we picked a team of the most influential and important—though often underrecognized—people in our industry. So who made the team?
by | A few years ago, VH1 ran a program called Where Are They Now that tracked down artists that had faded from wider public view. So I thought it only fitting that, as part of this “Decade of Streaming” issue, I track down a few people who had played varying roles in the advent of streaming media.
by | At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, internet-connected TVs were all the rage. Television manufacturers, however, are keeping mum on when consumers will actually have easy access to them, not to mention what they'll look like.
Tues., April 29, by Ezra Davidson
by | The term “industrial-strength” is probably overused, but it’s definitely appropriate when describing Anystream’s Agility Web encoder, an extremely robust system that delivers more than adequate video quality along with stellar stability and performance.
Thurs., April 24, by Jan Ozer
by | Another winning real-time encoder from Inlet