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Streaming Across the Seven Seas

When the U.S. Navy looked to have a "town hall" meeting with its East and West coast offices, it turned to Polycom and its ViewStation system. Contributor Joel Strauch shows how videoconferencing is forever changing the way the Navy communicates.
Featured Articles, Posted 10 Sep 2001

Tulsa Puts Out Fires With Streaming

When the Tulsa Fire Department realized it was sending its employees to training rather than fighting fires, it turned to streaming. Contributor Max Bloom tells us that for them, streaming isn't just good business, it's also a matter of life and death.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Jul 2001

NASA, Web Pioneer

Despite NASA’s internal communication problems, the agency has played a pioneering role in communication technology, and is developing breakthrough technologies that promise to extend the frontiers of digital media networks.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 May 2001

Space dreams

In a landmark partnership with a private company, NASA is set to stream from HDTV cameras in space, and hopes to exploit — of all things — an IPO.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 May 2001

New Frontiers

As the agency continues to integrate streaming into various operations, Internet bandwidth still restricts the range of streaming applications. But the NGI will make it possible to stream at much higher bandwidths, including high-definition video (HD), with applications in remote project surveillance, telemedicine, and agency-wide collaboration.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 May 2001

Singapore Armed Forces' Streaming Plan of Attack

Singapore takes its armed forces seriously. The city-state is neighbor to Malaysia to the north, with a population of 21.8 million; and Indonesia to the south, with a population of 225 million. In stark contrast, Singapore has a population of just 4.1 million. Although Singapore has a friendly relationship with its neighbors, the numbers nevertheless speak for themselves.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Jan 2001

Military Intelligence Makes Use of Streaming Technologies

Virage selected by government for video data management project.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Dec 2000

Case Study: Streaming the Democratic National Convention

We asked, "How'd they do that?" Max Bloom uncovers the story.
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Aug 2000

Streaming and Politics: Breaking New Ground

Major webcast coverage of the Democratic and Republican national conventions is just a taste of streaming media's potential impact on politics.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Aug 2000

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