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Are MSNBC's Online Videos Getting a Once over?

Research reveals that Unicorn Media Once is serving MSNBC videos to the iPhone.
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Jan 2012

Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian Top Mobile Video Searches for 2011

Pop culture is in demand on mobile devices, where music acts and cartoons dominate video searches.
Online Video News, Posted 19 Jan 2012

Fraunhofer Shows Low-Bandwidth MPEG Surround at CES

New audio codec streams 5.1 audio over 64 kbps connection
Online Video News, Posted 12 Jan 2012

CES 2012: VisualOn Previews OnStream MediaPlayer+

Made for mobile and living room devices, the platform allows seamless playback of a variety of content.
Online Video News, Posted 12 Jan 2012

CES 2012: ZappoTV Announces Android App

ZappoTV apps bridge the gap between smartphones and TVs; plans hunt for investors and premium partners.
Online Video News, Posted 11 Jan 2012

Shodogg Tosses Mobile Video to TV Screens

Seth Green-backed startup aims to solve the problem of sharing video from mobile devices to televisions.
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Jan 2012

CES 2012: Coincident Debuts Second-Screen Solution for Engaged Viewing

Live TV and a variety of contextual streaming material come together in an inventive two-screen application
Online Video News, Posted 10 Jan 2012

Vimeo Expands Mobile Apps; Supports Android, Windows, Kindle Fire

A universal iOS app in in the works, soon bringing video editing to the Apple iPad.
Online Video News, Posted 09 Jan 2012

CES 2012: Focus on the User Experience

CEA research director says gadgets at this year's Consumer Electronics Show will boast simpler, better user interfaces and emphasize device personalization
Featured Articles, Posted 08 Jan 2012

Line Between Apps and Websites Blurred, Says Comcast

For video delivery and remote access, Comcast takes lessons from apps and applies them to the Web.
Featured Articles, Posted 06 Jan 2012

Hearst Rides the Mobile Video Wave

At a Streaming Media West interview, Hearst's CTO explains why DRM isn't a concern, but the iPad is.
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Dec 2011

Vevo Turns 2, Doubles Audience Since Launch

Music video site show impressive growth in mobile space, with a 700% increase this year.
Online Video News, Posted 21 Dec 2011

Enterprise Streaming Moves from Windows to Flash: MediaPlatform

Companies no longer have to stream Windows Media inside the firewall and Flash outside, says enterprise pro.
Featured Articles, Posted 21 Dec 2011

WTF Is Marc Maron Up To?

The amazing true story of how a desperate, down-on-his-luck comic created a breakout hit, star-studded podcast. From his garage.
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Dec 2011

ZappoTV Announces 2.0 Version of iPad and iPhone App

App lets viewers discover content on their mobile devices, then stream it on supported connected TVs.
Online Video News, Posted 19 Dec 2011

Only 18% Using Adaptive Streaming, Says Skyfire Report

Adaptive bit rate streaming holds promise to ease mobile congestion, yet few are using it.
Online Video News, Posted 14 Dec 2011

A Tale of Two Tablets: Kindle and Nook Battle for Christmas Sales

Amazon favors a locked-in approach for media consumption, while Barnes & Noble offers an open experience. Apple's iPad, however, remains the tablet to beat.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Dec 2011

Mobivivo Wants to Create an App for Every TV Show and Movie

Mobovivo has changed its business to create mobile apps that deliver premium content access from pre-production to home entertainment distribution.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Dec 2011

Jilion Adds Free and Premium Plans for SublimeVideo

Cloud-based HTML5 video player now includes options for both small companies and enterprises.
Online Video News, Posted 29 Nov 2011

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