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Quicklink and Inmarsat Offer Easy Way to Stream Mobile Video

Streaming live or recorded videos from remote locations might be easier than ever, thanks to this joint solution.
Online Video News, Posted 12 Nov 2012

BuyDRM and Fraunhofer Collaborate on HBO Go App

Streaming Media West attendees got a first look—and listen—at HBO Europe's HBO Go Android app.
Online Video News, Posted 08 Nov 2012

Apple Bets on Books, not Video, to Sell New iPad mini

With today's introduction of the iPad mini, Apple attempts to fit a glorified e-reader between iPod touch and full-size iPad
Online Video News, Posted 23 Oct 2012

Olympics, Red Button, and Tablets: BBC Future Media at Streaming Media Europe

With more than 111 million total video requests, the London 2012 games reached over 65 percent of the adult UK population
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Oct 2012

Skyfire Raise $10M in Funding for Expansion to Europe and Asia

With its mobile data optimization platform, Skyfire aims to reduce the strain on cellular networks.
Online Video News, Posted 11 Oct 2012

3M Partners with Roku to Create Streaming Projector

$299 compact projector creates 10-foot wide image and offers access to over 600 streaming Roku channels.
Online Video News, Posted 05 Oct 2012

Cisco: Balancing Requests and Reality in Enterprise Mobile Video

Employees say they want access to all corporate video on their mobile devices, but what they actually watch is a different story.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Oct 2012

iPhone and BlackBerry 8520 Are Tops for Mobile Video, Says Vuclip

Want to reach viewers on a global scale? Better optimize content for BlackBerry devices.
Online Video News, Posted 20 Sep 2012

Zeebox Launching in U.S. this Month, Probably with Comcast

The popular U.K. second screen app is definitely coming to the United States this month. Sources say it will partner with Comcast, although the company is keeping mum.
Online Video News, Posted 14 Sep 2012

Apple Announces Taller, Thinner, Lighter iPhone 5

A wider display promises better movie playback, while battery life, color saturation, screen resolution, and performance are all improved.
Online Video News, Posted 12 Sep 2012

Tablet Use Driving Greater TV Watching, Finds Study

Rather than cannibalizing broadcast viewing, tablet use is encouraging a large percentage to watch more programming.
Online Video News, Posted 11 Sep 2012

Ustream Serves Video to BFFs on Facebook with Apple iPhone App

Free app will let iOS device owners stream live video to their Facebook pages and get comments from viewers.
Online Video News, Posted 16 Aug 2012

Al-Jazeera Enables Citizen Journalism With Online Video

With its redesigned citizen journalism portal, Al-Jazeera is letting eye-witnesses upload video from some of the world's biggest hotspots.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Aug 2012

Livestream Broadcaster Review Revisited: Testing 4G Performance

When Jan Ozer looked at the Livestream Broadcaster last month, he wasn't able to test its 4G performance. He's fixed that by taking the Broadcaster on vacation.
Featured Articles, Posted 08 Aug 2012

Akamai Presents a Single Operator CDN VOD Case Study

Demonstrating how the discussion around CDNs has changed, Akamai presents a European client using a single operator CDN platform to deliver its VOD library.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 Aug 2012

How Cox Communications Streams Video Live and On-Demand to Apps

When Cox started streaming to devices, it had to work within strict limitations. Nonetheless, it had a quarter-million downloads in only four months.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Aug 2012

Apple is Lining Up a Sneak Attack on Television, Says Brightcove

Using AirPlay technology and dual-screen apps, Apple will create a new television experience that works any set -- all driven by the iPad.
Online Video News, Posted 01 Aug 2012

MocoSpace Improves Mobile with CDN and Front-End Optimization

The mobile experience faces several challenges that desktop devices don't, starting with network conditions and hardware limitations.
Featured Articles, Posted 25 Jul 2012

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Small form-factor encoders and link aggregators (or cellmuxes, as we like to call them) are changing the way news is reported. Our survey will help identify trends in this fast-growing sector, and for participating, you can win a Go Pro Hero 2 camera.
Featured Articles, Posted 24 Jul 2012

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